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2009 Ends on a Power Day!

Aloha from Beautiful Maui

The World Gratitude Gathering Meditation was so wonderfully powerful for me at 11:11 am Aloha Time.  I will delve into another round of gratitude at 11:11 pm too ~ it feels so good!

The culmination of the 42-day World Gratitude Gathering is today ~ and how fitting...the last day of 2009.  As an amateur astronomer, I LOVE that this occurs on a Full Moon & it's a BLUE MOON (when full moon occurs twice in one month),  and a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

On the Mayan Calendar which I follow, today is a White Rhythmic Wind guided by Spirit.  These are some dynamically powerful energies and I love the wave of gratitude which the Gathering has created literally around the world. 

Here are words from an email from the Co-Founder, Stacey Robyn: "Just for today:
In the spirit of celebration, let's use a simple meditation to clear the mind, synchronize with the galactic heart, and calibrate our being-ness to resonate with Love and Gratitude. As you do, rememb…

Welcome to the 3-Day World Gratitude Gathering Celebration!

Hats off to Stacey Robyn and partner, Ken Herbert, and all who participated in the World Gratitude Gathering.  This 42-day event culminates on 12/31/09 with a powerful 11:11 Meditation!

Here's the short intro film for WGG...

After 39 days of immersing ourselves in widening waves of Gratitude, the final three days are for Celebration.  I truly am celebrating the Beauty and Power of being in the flow of Gratitude again. 

The 42-day World Gratitude event comes right on the heels of the 42 day Go Gratitude round of inspiring emails ~ and online community.  This has been 84 days of bliss for me ~ AND amazing transformation and manifestation.  My heart is filled with "Great*full*ness" as Stacey would say.

Stacey & Ken's goal: to create a massive wave of Gratitude on the planet, literally!  In their own words, "42 Day Aligning with Your Heart's Calling Gratitude Program
Immerse yourself in Gratitude with a new ser…

3 Stages of Gratitude

Gratitude feels so good!  I like the warm, fuzzy rush of it as it courses through my body.

I'm so grateful to Stacey Robyn of the Go Gratitude Experiment (from about 3 years ago), for turning me on to Gratitude, and the awesome symbol which keeps inpiring me!

Sure, I'd felt gratitude before in my life ~ but to really FOCUS on gratitude on a daily basis (let alone 42 in a row), was a whole new wonderful experience for me.  ...One which opened portals of possibilities in my life.

The force of Gratitude is like raw power!  In fact, Stacey calls it The Master Key ~ and I can certainly attest to Gratitude impacting my life in miraculous ways.

Here is the video which got me rolling on the Wave of Gratitude from the original 42 day Go Gratitude Experiment.

Reflecting on the second round of Go Gratitude which just ended in November 2009 (and the great miracles which occurred in my life again!), I thought about all the different ways I've learned gratitude.

There seems to be 3 steps…

Belated Christmas Gifts for YOU!

Click here to download your goodies!

Ah...Christmas afterglow! Christmas is a Festival of Food BIGTIME in Hawaii. If I had to describe my Holiday in a word ~ YUMMY! =)

Since I went immediately into "food coma" after eating, my Holiday offering is coming to you a day late (but it's not a dollar short), AND it's value will only increase with time and use.

As you'll see it's the gift that keeps on giving ~ Enjoy!

You'll find goodies from the likes of: Marie Diamond and Joe Vitale of The Secret, Scott Katsura, The Secret Scrolls, MY Feng Shui blessings for you and more...

Sending you and yours the brightest Holiday Blessings ~ and wishes for the best New Year of our lives.

~ Amber Blissin' Out on Maui

Lovin' the POWER of Mind Movies

... from the Beautiful Island of Maui

One of the things I do daily to stay focused on the things I choose to manifest is to view my Mind Movie.  These are so much fun to make ~ it really is the gift that keeps on giving. 
I'm sharing mine with you and hope that you enjoy it!

It is key to begin and end each day by viewing your mind movie.  It works for me when I work it.  =)

What I love about this is that the images are personal; you literally choose visuals of the things you desire and place them in your film.  Those who are familiar with the hit movie "The Secret", know of the visualization board ~ and it works too, but your own mind movie is like a visualization board on steroids. 

Mind Movies engage multiple senses, and I think truly penetrate the subconscious and even super-conscious levels which seems to POP manifestation to a whole new level.  There's more about them on my original YouTube page for Mind Movies.

Check back soon for a link to download 6 pr…

Aloha & Happy Winter Solstice!

Fully immersed in the Holidays ~ it is a great time to exercise an Attitude of Gratitude!  For starters ~ we survived the many hurdles of 2009.  If you are reading this, you are plugged into the Web and therefore connected to all of Planet Earth literally at your fingertips.  Really stop and think how amazing that is!

We're are at the threshold of a brand new year ~ AND YOU CAN CREATE ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE!   The Law Of Attraction is always at work and 2010 holds amazing blessings for those that are ready to receive.  (For all my metaphysical buddies out there - "It's yin over yang!")

Give thanks for AND TO your body ~ it's the most amazing vehicle in the world.  It keeps running and has countless miles on it.  Your sacred vessel is relentless in its dedication to you.

Endless things to be grateful for...

I'm reflecting on just how abundant this Harvest Season was ~ and am literally overcome with the Gratitude and Love received.  ...And the knowing of the grow…

Your Home: The Energy is Working FOR YOU ~ or against you!


Feng Shui Gifts from Marie Diamond of the hit movie, "The Secret"

I LOVE Marie Diamond because we share 2 passions ~ Law of Attraction and Feng Shui! She has some amazing gifts for you too on her new site:

You'll be able to calculate your Law of Attraction number, your archetype, and how to amp your manifesting power, based on those energies. So cool ~ she's right it will literally give you goosebumps.

I received an email from her this morning saying the response was absolutely overwhelming. (I know I did a tweet on Twitter about it). Anyway, many people had questions, feedback from manifestations using her info, and more so she's got a follow up video too.

How to Attract the Money, Relationships and Success You Are Looking For in 2010!
Here it is


This is powerful information and so much fun to play with. Believe the title of this post. Feng Shui when utilized correctly changes your life swiftly. Again…


I just LOVE the Hawaiian Tradition of Aloha Friday! It's really fun energy and takes T.G.I.F. to a whole new level. Like most things Hawaiian there is food, family (ohana) and fun.

...Even workplaces participate ~ and often bar-b-q. Sweeeeeeeet, huh?

As this week winds down to a close, I find myself counting my blessings BIGTIME! In fact, here's a visual one for you just for checking out the blog...

As an avid LOA (Law of Attraction) practitioner, I found myself largely in an "attitude of gratitude" all week. Blessings upon blessings just kept pouring in. And the more I was grateful, the more I kept having to be grateful for.

I'm loving this feeling and know that it is an easy state for all of us to attain. I started keeping a daily gratitude log - just a quick note of the things that happened during the day that I was grateful for. The next thing I know, I had to go to 2 pages, then 3, now 4.

See where this is going?

LOA states that what we focus on, we attra…

Aloha ~ Great to be here!

Well today was my first TRUE "Social Networking" day. In a word, "Wow!" It's as if I can still feel my brain spinning ~ but in a good way. =)

Even though this site's background and name were set a year ago, a series of events took me out of the game for exactly 364 days and brought my life to a screeching halt. So, in one day I set this site up, attempted to recover my key domain names, took an online class on social networks, set myself up with a Twitter account and content, and set up a blog site on 2010 Blessings com...

I'm tired just thinking about it ~ talk about overwhelm. But, what an education! I have to admit it was a crash course in techno; I didn't even know what an avatar or widget was this morning.

It makes me think of that old line,
"Don't try this at home. Only a trained professional..."

It is so cool to be connecting to people in real time, and even I could do this all in one day. I am excited about the friends I am …