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Get YOUR Bank Loan Rebate NOW!

I am a proud member of a Private Membership Organization that has been working diligently for 6 years to crack the "Financial Code".  They have succeeded!
I am using an Administrative Remedy (claim) to receive awards on my mortgages, credit cards, auto and student loans, and IRS payments too.
As you may know by now, all 50 State Attorney Generals have been and are launching investigations into the bank's loan practices.

What does all this mean to you?
Due to the banks fraudulent nature over the years, you and your friends may be entitled to multiple awards of $100,000 to $1,000,000 through our Private Club.  Would $100,000 help you and your loved ones now?

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The Club has implemented a "Bonus Buddy" program based on the "Pay it Forward" principle from the Helen Hunt movie by the same name.  You may select a "Bonus Buddy" for each claim you submit for yourself and collect a large se…

Happy Aloha Friday Afterglow!

It was another wonderful Happy Aloha Friday in Paradise!  I've been working with the World Gratitude Gathering for the past 39 days and am always amazed at the myriad blessings that are attracted into my life as a result of focusing on gratitude with the synergy of other like-minded people.  Exponential blessings rock the Planet!

...And what an exciting time it is from a Galactic Perspective.  More coming on that soon, connect to this blog and the 12-22-2012blog site.  Stay tuned...

Lotsa Love and Gratitude,
Amber Blissin' Out