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Another Happy Aloha Friday!

Happy Aloha Friday...
I love this picture showing my blooming orchids!  So many wild things have happened to me since my last post ~ and it feels wonderful to be healing and blooming like my juggled about orchids (which have been moving in pots).

I would like to extend my deepest Love and Gratitude to the following Spirit Sisters for providing me the tools to stay afloat:
~ Marie Diamond (for the awesome 2012 series and Easter Meditations), and
~ Stacey Robyn from the World Gratitude Gathering.  Mahalo Nui Loa!

On the Mayan Calendar which I follow, today is the beginning of a new 260 day Galactic Spin.  ...A sort of New Year ~ and the symbols of powerful growth and change are present in my life (as evidenced by the blooming orchids, and a yard full of new baby chicks).

Here are some words from Skytime about this dynamic day and 13 day wavespell
(Red Magnetic Dragon guided by Birth):

"Red Dragon represents the beginning; the primal source; the mother of life; primordial waters; the…