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See My New 2012 Facebook Page!

Aloha from the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands

I'm so excited about creating the new Facebook Page for my 2012 blog...check out the page and be sure to "Like" it.

Time is speeding up so incredibly...I want to get up to the moment information to the collective about the amazing array of energies that we are all being exposed to, as we make the shift to the new Golden Age of Enlightenment.  
It is refreshing to have incredibly valuable and validating information about 2012 proliferating NOW!  Be sure to stay tuned to the 12-22-2012 Blog on Facebook, and my site: Enjoy!

We are the power!

Aloha from the Beautiful Hawaiian Islands...
I have just received two videos from Patricia Cota-Robles which are phenomenal!  She has called for the Lightworkers to awaken and take on a new task...that of conscious co-creation in regard to the current Earth Changes.

NOW is the Time - Part 1

and the second video (with powerful invocations...)
NOW is the Time! - Part 2

Enjoy these Beautiful videos - and if they sing to your heart, share them with other Lightworkers.  Together we CAN make a difference!

NOW is the time...

Lotsa Love and Gratitude,
Amber Blissin' Out in Paradise