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Exclusive Release of Meditation #2

Aloha from Beautiful Maui!
I'm so excited about the opportunity to share Meditation #2 with the world via internet.  Kelan Phil Cohran, one of my Spiritual Teachers, has given me the nod of approval, and sole rights to distribute this amazing compilation of sound - which is a Shamanic Journey, and powerful vibrational healing.

Brother Kelan composed this healing meditation in the early 60's; and has over 500 compositions to his credit.  In addition to being a Composer, he is a Master Musician, Multi-instrumentalist, Astronomer, Scholar, Astrologer, Shaman, Musicologist, Educator, Speaker, Health Advocate, Chemist and so much more.  It is easy to see from a list like that, how he has achieved such awards as Epic Man of the Twentieth Century, which places him with such notables as Stevie Wonder.

Meditation #2 is from his private stock collection, and I am blessed to have had access to it for over ten years now.  Two things led me to phone him and ask permission to bring the CD to…

Let's Clean up the Gulf with our Group Intention!

Aloha from the Beautiful Island of Maui

Happy Aloha Friday!

I had the great blessing to be on a LIVE call this past Monday with Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan.  They mentioned that they were in the process of working up a FREEEEEE download of music to heal the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis.  Way Cool!

Here's the link to download the Clear the Gulf Audio.  There are 3 choices to download: affirmations (with Joe Vitale reading the healing affirmations), subliminal version, and music only.  This awesome 15 minute audio is both Beautiful and Powerful!

Together we CAN make a difference ~ so, let's clean up the Gulf with our group intention.  Infinite Thanks to Pat O'Bryan and Joe Vitale for having the vision and for taking inspired action!

For those interested, here are the Affirmations by Joe.

Joe Vitale's Clear the Gulf Affirmations

The Ocean is at peace
I am at peace

The waters are clearing and clean
The Divine is healing the ocean

I let go of my negativity
You let go of …