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A Better World

Aloha and Happy Aloha Friday!

I am delighted that a Facebook friend shared a YouTube video with me this morning that literally made my day.  It led me on a wonderful discovery of joyous, enlightening surfing.  Ten Intentions for a Better World is a gem.

It is suggested that we speak the intentions aloud daily.  I received this from video creator, Oribel Divine, who has this to say,
"This video is based a set of Intentions created by Tony Burroughs called The Code. Each morning I would read it and I feel a sense of exhilaration and pure joy and great harmony after my proclamation to the Universe. I feel that it's in absolute alignment with what we want to accomplish for panet Earth - PEACE! Step aside Ten Commandments. But then again, you have free choice and you have new powers of discernment and intuition to decide for yourself.Enjoy !"

Chart of The Code ~ Ten Intentions for a Better World

Check out the Beauty of her message written at the end of the video:
"From the mo…

My 2012 Blog ~ 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar

I'm announcing my 2012 blog about the Mayan Calendar ~ which addresses the momentous changes we are currently experiencing during this Paradigm Shift.

I've been on the Mayan Calendar for 8 years now ~ and the accuracy is mind boggling as a synchronization tool.  I have posted some amazing tools (from a number of sources) to assist everyone in navigating these rapidly changing times.
As of March 9, 2011 we entered the 9th, and final wave of the Mayan Calendar (utilizing Carl Calleman's model).  This wave will last until October 28, 2011 ~ the end of the calendar.
Be sure to pop on over to the blog, and grab tools to empower yourself.  This is the most exciting time EVER to be alive on our planet!  

Surf's Up...Let's surf this 9th Wave together in Beauty and Power!
Lotsa Love and Gratitude, Amber Blissin' Out in Paradise...


There is hope for the future!

Hats off to the "Kau 7" for having the vision to dream their future dreams awake.  It all started with an idea to "Pay It Forward" Contest.  I'm involved with a private member organization that turns current and past debt into cash for it's members, and offers a $100,000 Bonus Buddy gift to the recipient of your choice.
I decided to run a contest for a $100,000 Bonus Buddy gift ~ and only sent out 100 emails.  To me this was awesome ~ a 1/100 chance of winning $100,000.  To my total surprise I only received 3 entries, with only 1 day to go until the contest deadline.
I happened to mention this while a group of teens were hanging out for Spring Break.  They asked if there was any age limit on this $100,000 gift.  It was then that my light bulb went on.  I told them that they were invited to participate…the rules were easy, simply tell me, "What you would do with $100,000 RIGHT NOW?"
I could see their excitement.  Within an…