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Ready, Set, Grow...Blooming Humans

March 9, 2011 ~ the Journey Begins!
Stacey and her team have done it again.  Just as I was thinking about what Sacred Ceremony to create or attend on March 9, 2011 (a vital day in Carl Calleman's Mayan Calendar ~ the beginning of the ninth and final wave), I received an e-vite to attend the latest 42-day event.

I have been an avid fan of Go Gratitude since it's inception in 2005.  The Go Gratitude Experiment rocked! Click the link to grab the book on  GO GRATITUDE!

To clock in directly to the newly created site and be a part of this next fabulous 42-day wave, click here!

Take a peek at the video above to see what Blooming Humans is all about.  This 42-day event promises to be a goody.

Let's dream a profound collective dream together.

Lotsa Love and Gratitude,
Amber Blissin' Out in Paradise...