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Bob Proctor's message for YOU!

Time and time again I hear from good people who are fed up, frustrated, and just plain discouraged about their ability to reliably manifest what they want in life.

Do you ever feel like that?
If so, you're not alone. And even if you've gotten your brain wrapped around the concept of the Law of Attraction and are whole-hearted in your manifesting efforts--you still may have the nagging feeling you're not quite hitting with all cylinders.
That's why I'd suggest you take a few minutes to watch this...
How To Multiply Your Manifesting Power
For one thing, you'll hear from none other than Bob Proctor--one of the key people from The Secret. Bob has been at this a long time--decades in fact--and he's pretty much got the whole visualization thing dialed in.
One of the things Bob talks about are some of the most common misconceptions about visualization, and boy can I relate.
I remember when I first began exploring the Law of Attraction. I pretty much made ALL of the…

The Conscious Convergence ~ Catch the Wave!

July 17th & 18th, 2010

Aloha Beloveds!
The Conscious Convergence is happening this weekend, with Ceremonies and Celebrations around the world.  As a follower of the Mayan Calendar for over 8 years, it is exciting to see the massive synergy of people gathering to set the intention for this powerful awakening of humanity ~ as we move collectively toward Ascension.
Author and researcher of Mayan calendrical systems, Carl Johann Calleman, and founder of  Common Passion, Joseph Giove, are leading the global call for citizens to recognize the transformational power of our times and join the Conscious Convergence Celebration, July 17-18, 2010. 

Common Passion is a non-profit organization of people and organizations from all social spheres and faith traditions that share compassion as a common value. Common Passion’s stated aim is to create social and environmental harmony through science-based applications of collective consciousness.
See this awesome interview with Carl Calleman!

There is no …