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Happy Aloha Friday ~ Let's Get This Party Started!

Aloha from Maui

WOW!  I am having "Happy Aloha Friday" afterglow/hangover.  What a great day it was too..

Any day that begins with roses is a good one and cause for celebration.  After all that is what my personal Aloha Friday Ceremony is all about - Celebration!  ...A time to celebrate yourself and all the gifts of life.

The music to this week's parade of gifts is by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and is entitled Party Started (being performed LIVE in Milan, Italy).  The song is great, and the band is exciting.  They are taking Europe and Japan by storm.  Check out their website at:

Enjoy yesterday's YouTube and Let's Get This Party Started!

~ Amber Blissin' Out on Maui

p.s. I have a gift for YOU - download the entire song here.

The Secret Women's Teachings Revealed!

Aloha from the Beautiful Island of Maui! I have been blessed to receive Women's Teachings which have been held in secret for over 2500 years ~ and are NOW ready to be released to the public.  Consider this a "sneak preview" of coming attractions.
The Twelve Imaginings of the GRANDMOTHER MATRIARCHS
Goddess Beauty  Imagination Wheel
1.  I imagine that women and men are equal.
2.  I imagine that life is challenge and giving to experience life and balance.
3.  I imagine that sex is natural, sacred and beautiful.
4.  I imagine that all humans are born to like to learn and grow.
5.  I imagine that I can live my life, question my experience and change my existence.
6.  I imagine that I can help change conditions of my world and my personal circumstances.
7.  I imagine that I can listen to creation directly and I need no interpreter.
8.  I imagine that I can be myself even in those times when I am pained by others.
9.  I imagine that I am my own authority and my own teacher.
10.  I imagine tha…

Another Happy Aloha Friday

It's been a while since the last fact, last Aloha Friday. This past week blew by so fast it feels like a blur. No YouTube this week, but the picture above is part of the personal Aloha Friday Celebration Ceremony that I've created. This is just soooooooo much fun!

And after all, why not celebrate yourself?  ~ YOU DESERVE IT.

Open the door to receiving by giving to yourself first. To quote that old commercial, "Try it, you'll like it."

Amber Blissin' Out on Maui

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